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TGPC Brunning & Price Proposal – Survey Findings Report Now Available

Thank you to all parishioners who participated in the survey conducted by Tidbury Green Parish Council, to obtain Parishioners views regarding the proposal by  Brunning & Price, to develop the house and barn at Tidbury Green Farm, with enlargements, into a licenced eatery. We received 56 response allowing us to draw some quality conclusions. Results of the survey can be found below.

Please Click Here to View the Report of Findings

Temporary Road Closure Order – Tilehouse Lane

Temporary Road Closure Order – 2017

Tilehouse Lane- Tythe Barn Lane to Dickens Heath –23/10/17 – 30/10/17 – 09:00hrs – 15:30hrs

 Tilehouse Lane – Railway Bridge to Tythe Barn Lane – 30/10/17 – 02/11/17 – 19:00hrs – 06:00hrs

If you would like to discuss any technical aspect of the Orders, please contact the Council’s Highway Services Division on 0121 704 8004. or for more information on Solihull’s permanent, temporary or experimental Traffic Regulation Orders, please visit:

Further details of this Temporary Road closue can be Found on the attached PDF Document and the attached Plan.

Road Nuisance In Tidbury Green

We need your help….
if we are to help you:
STOP the traffic nuisance on Norton Lane and adjoining roads.

The past year has seen the anticipated increase in lorry traffic due to the development of housing sites BUT the past 6 months has seen the daily nuisance from haulage companies based locally.

To support Solihull Council & Tidbury Green Parish Council in identifying and monitoring a potential increase in haulage firms expanding or setting up, we need your help.

This is possibly the ‘thin edge of the wedge.’.. and it needs to be stopped or controlled with appropriate access restrictions or licenses revoked and heavy penalties issued.

Unless this is controlled the nuisance will intensify.

For some residents this has reached unbearable levels of noise, vibration and danger to other road users, including pedestrians.

We need you to help identify those responsible for any misconduct by:

1- Record the offending vehicle’s registration.

2- Take a note of any company name or livery on the vehicle

3- Get the address of the operating site/ depot/ farm

4- Record the time of the vehicle passing your house

5- Take a note of the misconduct… is it nuisance from speed, noise, vibration from hitting the speed ramps or iron works, dangerous driving?

6- Record any additional information that might help such as 5 to 10 seconds video of offending vehicles or just take additional notes

Please then pass that information to the Commissioners Office of the DVSA by either: Sending a confidential email to or or making a confidential call on (Freephone) 0800 030 4103 between 7.30am and 6 pm.

They will then pass the report to the Intelligence Unit who will investigate accordingly. Finally, could you please tell us, the Parish Council, of the report that you have made so that we can work with the DVSA and the SMBC to try and find a solution to this growing problem here in our village?

Whatever your thoughts, please do something now.


Please keep us in the loop by sharing your reports. Email tidburygreenpc at