Every One Remembered initiative – To remember those Commonwealth Service men and women who fell during World War One by the end of the centenary.

In 2014, we at The Royal British Legion were inspired by the words of a school child visiting a war cemetery in Belgium, she wrote to us and said “I know that not everyone can be remembered as individuals, but I felt it was a shame for some people to have dozens of poppies and crosses while others had no one left to remember them.”


Everyone Remembered is that place, where all 1.1million Commonwealth Service men and women who fell during World War One will be individually remembered, including any who died from war related injuries up to two years after the conflict ended.


You can leave your own unique commemoration on our website to one of the fallen. Individuals like Private John Edward Thompson, who died on 15th September 1914 aged just 18 years old: Private Charles Saxby Davies of the Canadian Infantry who fell aged 23; or Rifleman Bal Sing Gurung of the Gurkha 4th Rifles whose age remains unknown.


You can remember a family member, someone from your local area or any of the many still left to be remembered. You’ll be helping us create a lasting legacy and ensure that none who fell are forgotten. It only takes a minute to create a lasting legacy, by visiting: http://www.everyoneremembered.org/.



Flooding Update

Flooding Update

As requested at the meeting of Interested Parishioners, which took place on the 24 June 2018 the Parish Council shared the report produced by the Parish Council, which was based on the experiences and views of those Parishioners who were affected by the flooding on the 27 may 2018, with Nick page, CEO SMBC.

The Parish Council also requested Nick Page meet with with interested Parishioner to address their points and concerns detailed within the report.

Nick Page advised that he would meet with the Parish Council to discuss the matter.

On 12 July 2018, the Parish Council Clerk, Charlotte Kirby, The Parish Council Chairman, Cllr.Thomas, Cllr.Reohorn and Alison Gorman met with Nick Page, Deborah Merry and Ann Brereton of SMBC, to discuss all the key points included in the report.

During the meeting SMBC advised that:-

  • They are prioritising clearing any blocked drains.
  • They have commissioned work to be undertaken by RAB Consultants. This involves them walking and carrying out formal inspections of key ordinary watercourses in the affected areas, totalling approximately 10km in length.
  •  SMBC are completing various work to gather all available evidence to enable them to build up a complete picture of what occurred and potential factors that had an impact.
  • SMBC have also commissioned some modelling works to be completed.
  • Once all the investigations, research and evidence gathering has been completed, SMBC will produce a report of findings.  The initial findings are expected in October. These will be submitted to scrutiny board and the cabinet.


At the end of the meeting the Parish Council asked if Nick Page would attend a meeting with Interested Parishioners. Nick Page advised that he would consider the request. No response has yet been received.



Lowbrook Farm (Reserved Matters) – Application Submitted – Consultation Period Commenced

A Planning Application -PL/2018/01828/PPRM which is for Lowbrook Farm (Reserved Matters) has been submitted. The consultaion period for this planning application commenced on the 4th July 2018.
The deadline to respond to SMBC is the 25th July 2018.

The documents can be viewed at http://publicaccess.solihull.gov.uk/ by inserting the planning number into the Search Field.

SMBC Brown Recycling Bins Update – 25th July 2018

SMBC Brown recycling bins update



You may be aware that due to a fault some of our brown recycling bins are splitting. If your brown bin has split we’ll deliver a replacement free of charge and collect your damaged bin. You can report a split brown bin here.


Due to a higher than expected demand for replacement brown bins, it is currently taking longer than 20 working days to deliver replacements. 


We will deliver your bin as soon as we can – please accept our apologies for this delay.


Whilst you wait for a replacement, any household recycling can be placed in an alternative container such as an old recycling box, plastic container or a hessian/jute bag. If you don’t have any of these, you can pick up five clear sacks from your nearest Solihull Connect walk in centre, your local library, or Bickenhill Waste and Recycling Centre (from Friday).


Find out more here: http://www.solihull.gov.uk/Resident/Rubbish-recycling/refuseissues/Split-Brown-Bin

Scam Alert & Rougue Traders

The following details of current scams has been received from Warwickshire County Council:-

Tax fraud arrests scam
A number of Warwickshire residents have reported bogus phone calls from fraudsters claiming to be HMRC. The callers attempt to scare residents by suggesting they have committed tax fraud and a warrant has been issued for their (the residents) arrest. They then demand the resident pays a fine/tax owed.

Bitcoin investment scams
A Warwickshire resident reported losing over £3000 after being cold called and offered an opportunity to ‘invest’ in Bitcoins via an online platform. The resident transferred the money which was then almost immediately withdrawn by the fraudsters.

Free solar panel ‘health check’
Owners of solar panels are warned to beware of letters and cold calls from bogus/high pressure companies offering solar panel ‘health checks’ that are in reality an opportunity to sell the resident highly priced and unnecessary warranties and additional solar panel equipment.

Bogus BT callers
Attempts are being made by fraudsters to obtain the banking details of Warwickshire residents by making calls falsely claiming to be BT and other telephone service providers. The fraudsters telephone unsuspecting consumers, claiming that their broadband speed is not as fast as it should be and offering them £200 refunds. They then ask for the individuals’ bank details to so they can ‘pay the money in’. In reality, bank details stolen in this way are used for criminal activity.

NEVER provide personal or financial information to people who cold call you, either over the phone or on the doorstep. You can’t tell a good trader from a bad one on the doorstep. Don’t buy goods/services/investments from cold callers.

Solihull MBC Flooding Update – 2nd July 2018

Solihull MBC – Flood update – 2 July

The update below was provided by Solihull MBC:-

Thank you to those residents who have been in touch with us since our last update. The additional photographs, videos and information that we have received have been extremely useful.

Since our last update, we have continued carrying out our investigations into the flood event and we have been looking into the various questions that many residents have raised with us so that we can provide initial answers.

Please find below an update on the specific actions that have been undertaken with regard to Norton Lane, Fulford Hall Road and Rumbush Lane:

  • We have inspected and cleansed our highway drainage assets along Norton Lane and found the system to be in good working condition. We will be looking at Fullford Hall Road this week in more detail.
  • We have made arrangements for watercourses in the area to be formally inspected. Work should commence next week and the results of the inspections will be shared with the relevant landowners, who will be asked to undertake any necessary works.
  • We have also begun commissioning some detailed flood modelling work that will make use of the various photos and videos that residents have sent to us, and help us better understand the causes of the flooding. From this work we will be able to establish what options may exist to mitigate the risk and impact of any future flood events and help inform any business cases for flood defence funding that we may submit.

We will continue to update you when we have any new information, but in the meantime, if you do need to get in touch then please email drainage@solihull.gov.uk

Communication on Parish Council’s Response to local flooding issues

Thank you to all Parishioners who provided information and photographs of the extreme flooding that took place on Sunday 27 May and the devastating damage that it caused. The Parish Council have gathered, collated and analysed all the information provided.

As you are aware the Parish Council held a meeting for all interested Parishioners on Sunday 24th June 2018. Thank you to all of those who attended.

At the meeting the Parish Council presented our findings from the analysis work completed. We also consulted on the information that should be submitted to Solihull MBC and agreed how the community wish to progress this issue. The report to be submitted to SMBC, has been updated to reflect parishioner’s views and comments received from the consultation that took place at the meeting of the 24 June 2018.


This report (attached below) along with appendix A below which provides additional photographic evidence of the damage caused by the flooding, have been submitted to Nick Page, Chief Executive SMBC on the 27th June 2018. We have requested as resolved by Parishioners at the meeting that; following Nick Pages review and a site visit to Tidbury Height’s development that he should attend a meeting with interested parishioners to address the points and concerns raised.

The Parish Council are very grateful to Alison Gowman, the daughter of a parishioner seriously affected by the flooding, for completing a significant amount of investigation in relation to the flooding, for supporting local parishioners when the flooding occurred and for attending the meeting to deliver a  presentation in relation to the flooding and the findings of her investigations. This report is also attached below, along with the Approval Conditions and Atkins Flood Risk reports Assessments referred to within. This report has also been submitted to Solihull MBC.


We will update you once we receive a response from Nick Page, Solihull MBC.



Tidbury Green Parish Council – Flooding Report / Presentation- Submitted to Nick Page, SMBC – 27th June 2018

Appendix 1 – to the above Report – Providing additional photographic evidence of the damage caused by the flooding.

Alison Gowman – Flooding Report/ Presentation – Submitted to Nick Page, SMBC – 27th June 2018

Approval Conditions Referred to in Alison Gowman’s- Flooding Report/ Presentation

Atkins Flood Risk Assessment 1 – Referred to in Alison Gowma’s – Flooding Report/ Presentation

Atkins Flood Risk Assessment 2 – Referred to in Alison Gowman’s – Flooding Report/ Presentation

Atkins Flood Risk Assessment 3 – Referred to in  Alison Gowman’s – Flooding Report/ Presentation

Planning Application – Tidbury Green Farm – Pub & Restuarant

Planning Application PL/2018/00235/PPFL for Tidbury Green Farm was received on the 29th January 2018. The proposal is for “Change of use of existing farmhouse, associated buildings and land from residential use (Use Class C3) to a pub / restaurant (Use Class A3/A4) with ancillary ,manager’s accommodation, and construction of extensions and associated works, including: formation of access and car parking; partial infilling of the pond; and hard and soft landscaping.”

The Consultaion End Date is the 19th February 2018. Associated documents can be viewed and comments can be made to Solihull MBC via the following link,  http://publicaccess.solihull.gov.uk/  and by inserting the above planning number.

Tidbury Green Parish Council objected to the proposal as detailed below:-

Tidbury Green Parish council object to the above application. This view is predominately based on the responses to a Survey of Parishioners in autumn 2017, which asked for their views of this development. The Survey summary is attached. The results were overwhelmingly opposed to this development.

In addition to the survey findings Tidbury Green Parish Councillors have also detailed reasons why they object to the proposal. These reasons can be found in the attached Appendix 1