Planning Reform – Government White Paper – Planning For The Future Consultation

Details of the above Consultation can be found at

The Planning for the future consultation proposes long term reforms of the planning system, involving a  Complete overhaul of the planning and decision making system.

The proposed changes could have a significant impact on future development accross England, including Tidbury Green. Details of how to respond to the consultation can be found via the link included above.


Guidance for Halloween –

Please find below guidance, which has been provided by Solihull MBC, on how to have a safe Halloween this year for cascading through your networks.

Enjoy Halloween safely this year

Halloween is a time when people often gather together and this poses a risk for COVID-19 transmission.  

The current lockdown restrictions in Solihull prevent gatherings of more than 6 taking place in private gardens outside, with no one is permitted to come inside your home unless they have a valid exemption.

Below are ideas and guidance to help you plan a safe Halloween this year:   

Make sure you help to reduce the spread of the virus by avoiding:

Knocking on doors – this increases transmission potential and would expose our many as residents who are vulnerable and should be protected, as well as those who are isolating.

Traditional trick or treating – where treats are handed to children who go door to door or children take sweets from a shared bucket.


Organising or attending crowded costume parties held indoors, outdoors or at your own home.

Instead of the traditional door to door trick or treating where the virus can be spread by touch, why not try:

·         Carve or decorate pumpkins and display in your household

·         Organise a Halloween treasure hunt at home

·         Host a virtual party with themed games and music

·         Watch a scary movie with the familyincluding spooky treats

·         Have a virtual Halloween costume contest

By following this guidance you can enjoy a safe and fun Halloween, whilst also protecting your neighbours, friends and family!

Covid – 19 – HANDS – FACE – SPACE.

Coronavirus is still a very real threat, so please remenber to:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Wear a mask in enclosed spaces.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Get a test and self-isolate if you have symptoms.

To keep up to date on the government’s specific advice about the restrictions in place in Solihull, please visit:

Great British September Clean September 11th – 27th

As many of you are aware the Great British Spring Clean (GBSC) was one of the many events across the country which had to be postponed due to the coronavirus.

Well now Solihull MBC have advised that, it’s back, and the Love Solihull team are encouraging residents to grab their litter pickers and give the borough a Great British September Clean. 

They have kindley provided the information below:-

The GBSC is a fantastic incentive to get people talking about the importance of keeping our communities clean, green and safe by taking action to dispose of litter in the right way.

Litter picking has an immediately positive impact on our neighbourhoods and means we can continue to take pride in our neighbourhoods. However, in these very different times, we must remember to put safety first and follow the guidance around social distancing so that we don’t jeopardise our health and that of those around us.

As the Love Solihull teams first priority is to make sure everyone stays safe and well, we have attached our Community Litter Picking Guidelines, Community Litter Picking Risk Assessment and Covid-19 Guidance.

It is also important to remember that large group clean-ups aren’t possible at the moment, but we can offer support to individuals signed up to the Love Solihull Community Litter Picking Initiative who may go out in groups of up to 6 people.

If you haven’t already got your own equipment but would like to take part in the Great British September Clean either as an individual or as a small group, just sign up to the Love Solihull Community Litter Picking Initiative by completing and returning the attached Community Litter Picking Registration Form to we can then arrange delivery of your litter picking equipment.

When planning your GBSP remember:-

Small groups are key

So while we cannot support large community clean-ups at this time a litter-pick can be just as effective alone or in pairs. For those taking part in groups, this should involve a maximum of six people if from different households. Please do make yourselves familiar with our Covid-19 Guidance.

Make space – stay at least a metre away from people not in your household

Please do not promote the time and place you intend to undertake any activities to avoid the risk of large social gatherings. Also, if you’re litter picking in a public place like a park or a playground, think about when it’s likely to be quieter, and plan your clean-up for then.

Collaborate with Love Solihull 

Leave your full Love Solihull litter bags next to SMBC litter bins (maximum 2 bags). If you need to arrange a special collection where you either have bags that you have not been able to leave next to a litter bin or where you have more than 2 bags that need collecting from one location please contact

We want to hear from you

We really want to keep a running total of all the bags collected during GBSC 2020, so please do get in touch at and let us know how your litter pick went and we will share your story. If you take any photos don’t forget to tag in @lovesolihull on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #LoveSolihull #GreatBritishSeptemberClean

You can also show your support for the GBSC by pledging your time here:-

Before we go, this year’s GBSC initiative comes at a time when caring for the environment and living more sustainably has never been more important. Right now, a lot of things are uncertain, but our passion for tackling litter and our love for the environment remains unchanged.

Thank you to all the volunteers who selflessly dedicate their own time to help clean up our streets and parks therefore protecting the beautiful environment we share. 

Information provided by

Community Engagement Officers

Public Realm Team | Environmental Services | Managed Growth & Communities Directorate | Solihull MBC

0121 704 6243

Flooding – Solihull Council gives the go ahead to start flood mitigation schemes in Solihull.

Solihull MBC provided the information below on 2nd September 2020

Councillor Ken Hawkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways has now signed off on a series of flood mitigation schemes which will help over 100 properties in the borough.

These schemes will see residents being offered the opportunity to introduce Property Level Resilience and Resistance (PLR) measures, essentially practical support, to make their homes safer.

Those residents who are included will be contacted and asked to complete an online questionnaire to scope out their requirements and to arrange individual property surveys.

Flood risk specialists, appointed by the Council will be contacting these residents directly to undertake the surveys in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.

The Council will continue to look at securing further funding so more schemes can be rolled out to other areas that are at risk of flooding.

For more information about the Flood Mitigation Schemes please contact the Council’s Drainage and Flood Risk Management Team,

Flooding – Solihull homes to be better protected from flooding thanks to Environment Agency funding

Solihull MBC provided the update below on 28th August 2020

Solihull Council has been granted £440k worth of Flood Defence Grant in Aid (FDGiA) funding by the Environment Agency to use for flood mitigation schemes at four locations within the borough.

Alongside the Environment Agency funding there is a commitment of £431k from the Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, which means the council has now secured over £800k of external funding for these potential schemes.

In the wake of terrible flooding in 2018 the Council pledged to investigate what could be done to protect people’s homes from such flooding in the future.  Officers explored options for mitigation schemes as well as bidding for the relevant funding to deliver them.

A mitigation scheme can be only be delivered when there is FDGiA funding in place, supplemented by Local Levy and partnership funding, and after a business case is submitted to the Environment Agency and given technical approval.

In July 2020, bids for Local Levy funding were approved by the Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and the relevant business cases were submitted to the Environment Agency for final approval, granted on the 26 August.

Flooding – CPH Environment & Highways Decision Session – Flood risk management – 1st September 2020

Please see the information below, received from Solihull MBC:-

At CPH Environment & Highways Decision Session on 1 September Councillor Ken Hawkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways, will be considering a report that looks at protecting people’s homes from future flooding by introducing a series of flood mitigation schemes.

In May 2018 flooding in the borough saw over 300 properties badly affected and major disruption to the local road network. Following this incident Solihull Council pledged to look at any measures that could reduce the risk and impact of flooding.

In January 2019 officers carried out an initial assessment, engaging with residents who had been affected by flooding to look at various options and how this work could be funded. A subsequent report outlined the potential mitigation measures which could be implemented and the costs.

As a result of these investigations and securing some of the funding, proposals for four mitigation schemes in Blythe and Shirley West will now be discussed at Councillor Hawkins’ decision making session.

The full report can be viewed on our website here.

Arden Tree Scheme – August 2020 – Free Trees Available

Solihull residents and local groups are invited to apply for free trees as part of a scheme to promote the planting of traditional native trees in the borough.

The Arden Free Tree scheme is run by Solihull Council in partnership with Birmingham Airport and is open to individuals or groups who would like to create hedgerows or small woodlands on their own land within Solihull.

The deadline for applications is the end of August and successful applicants will receive their free trees in time for the planting season (December – February).

The Attached Arden Free Tree Scheme Leaflet, provides further details about the scheme, including details about how you can apply for trees.

Tidbury Green Parish Council – Coronavirus – Covid-19 Update

Please see the Tidbury Green Parish Council – Coronavirus – Covid-19 Update document below. The document provides an update from the Parish Council, along with details of information and support that is available during these difficult times. Also included below is the Wellbeing during the COVID-19 Outbreak document, which provides useful contact details to help you take care of your wellbeing during this outbreak.

Tidbury Green Parish Council – Coronavirus – Covid-19 Update document

Wellbeing during the COVID-19 Outbreak document