Burglary Crime Prevention Solihull

West Midlands Police provided the following information on 7th November 2019:-

In recent days we have seen a shift in times when residential burglaries have been reported in Solihull. The key times have been between 4pm and 7pm. Homes have been unoccupied and in darkness as this is a time when homeowners have not returned from work or are out and about busy with family.
We saw a similar pattern this time last year and although burglary numbers in Solihull are down by around 20% for the same period this year we are mindful that the darker nights present more opportunities for burglars.
Using a light timer or a Fake TV is a great way to light up your home when you are out. We recommend setting a light to come on at around 3.30pm as it is dark indoors by late afternoon.
Our officers are out on active patrols speaking to residents about darker nights crime prevention and if you need more advice on home security you can visit our virtual reality home 27 Station Road on WMP online.

Tidbury Green Parish Council – Community Governance Review

Tidbury Green Parish Council wrote to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, on the 11th September 2019, requesting that they undertake a Community Governance Review to increase the number of Parish Councillors from five to six. The request was later increased to seven.

Tidbury Green Parish Council have always had five Councillors. However given the growth in homes and Parishioner’s and the increased demands that the Parish Council has observed, the Parish Council are finding it increasingly difficult to fulfil their roles, with only five Councillors.

Referring to the Communities and local Government – The Government Boundary Commission Guidance on Local Community Governance Review it states that “The 1972 Act, as amended, specifies that each Parish Council must have at least five councillors and there is no maximum number.

Tidbury Green Parish Council has operated for many years with the minimum number of five Councillors, however this has become increasingly difficult with the Population increases observed in Tidbury Green over recent times.

More homes and increased Parishioners inevitably results in increased workloads for the Parish Council. With the new homes already developed in the area, we have already observed increases in workloads, in the form of additional queries, increased planning applications and greater communication commitments and this is likely to increase further as more homes are built and occupied.

Consequently the Parish Council needs to increase its numbers to allow the workload to be spread over a larger base and to ensure that councillors have the time to effectively respond to the issues and concerns of the community that they represent.

The Parish Council request for a Community Governance Review can be found here.

The request was submitted to the Solihull MBC Governance Committe on the 24th September 2019, who agreed to the request.

Solihull MBC carry out the Community Governance Review and the Council’s Governance Committee is responsible for the process and considering recommendations before any Community Governace order is made.

Solihull MBC have now drawn up and publisged the Terms of reference, which can be viewed on their Council website – www.solihull.gov.uk/tidburygreencgr.

As part of the process Solihull MBC will write to all Tidbury Green Parishioners requesting your views. As detailed in the letter, please provide them with your views by either –

Responding to their online form

Emailing them – electoralservices@solihull.gov.uk

Or writing to them at Resources Directorate, Electoral Services,Council House, Manor Square, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 3QB

Please respond by Sunday 10th November 2019.

Burglary On Norton Lane Earlswood 11/07/2019

Please see below the information received from Daniel Talbot PCSO, Shirley and Blythe Solihull Neighbourhood Police Unit – West Midlands Police

Dear resident

A burglary has been reported in your neighbourhood
If you saw or heard anything or have any information about the below incident please call our non emergency number 101, quoting the reference number provided.

Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at www.crimestoppers-uk.org.

Reference: 20SH/163883Z/19​.
Location:   Norton Lane, Earslwood.
Date and time: Between 02:00am and 03:47am on Thursday 11th July 2019.
Offence details:  Three offenders have gained entry into the garage at the front of the property using a metal pole to force open the garage door.  The offenders were then disturbed and rode away on pushbikes.

Where possible please make sure house alarms are set when the property is vacant and high quality lighting and CCTV cameras are set up at the front and rear of your property.

Please also ensure all out houses and garages are alarmed, secure and covered by the CCTV and lighting.

Make sure that lighting and CCTV equipment is installed high enough not to be tampered with.

Please also make sure all windows and doors, both upstairs and downstairs, are locked and that you have invested in high quality UPVC doors and windows. This will drastically reduce the chance of you becoming a victim of this type of crime.
For further crime prevention advice please click the following link: https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/crime-prevention

Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team will be conducting high visibility patrols of your area. Should you see anything that you deem to be suspicious then please either call 101 in a non emergency or report it via our online system at www.west-midlands.police.uk. In an emergency always call 999

Resubmitted Planning Application – Tidbury Green Farm – Pub & Restaurant

Planning Application PL/2019/00039/PPFL for Tidbury Green Farm was received on the 16th January 2019. This is a resubmission of the withdrawn Planning Application PL/2018/00235/PPFL, which was received on the 29th January 2018.

The proposal is for “Change of use of existing farmhouse, associated buildings and land from residential use (Use Class C3) to a pub / restaurant (Use Class A3/A4) with ancillary ,manager’s accommodation, and construction of extensions and associated works, including: formation of access and car parking; partial infilling of the pond; and hard and soft landscaping.”

Associated documents can be viewed and comments can be made to Solihull MBC via the following link,  http://publicaccess.solihull.gov.uk/  and by inserting the above planning number.

Latest Update

Please see attached the Parish Council’s response and the Copy of Survey Findings Report, referred to within the response submitted for the above Planning Application. The Parish Council based their response on views shared with them by Parishioners who  responsed to the full Survey completed in Autumn 2017 and the information received from Parishioners regarding their views about the proposal, which was requested in the February 2019 newsletter.

Both the survey and the request for views in the February 2019 Newsletter, went to all homes in Tidbury Green. Therefore everyone was provided with an opportunity to respond and therefore the Parish Council  believe that given the time available that we followed the most effective, democratic approach that we could.

Tidbury Green Parish Council Response.

Survey Findings Report.

The Parish Council have secured an extension from Solihull MBC until 1 March 2019, to allow them to respond to the latest application. The Planning Officer has also agreed to accept neighbour responses up until this date. The Parish Council, however recommend that you submit your comments to SMBC by 27th February 2019, or earlier.

Your response should be addressed to Rebecca Hadley – Solihull MBC Planning Services, Council House, Manor Square, Solihull, B91 3QB or Email your response for the attention of Rebecca Hadley to planning@solihull.gov.uk. Please quote the application number (PL/2019/00039/PPFL) in your email subject and text and include your name and address in your correspondence.

This Planning Application will be discussed at the Parish Council Meeting on 20 February 2019. If you have any comments/ views that you would like the Parish Council to consider, for inclusion in their response, please attend the meeting and share these. Alternatively, please email your views to the Clerk (tidburygreenpc@googlemail.com) by 20th February.

Given the available timescales, if we do not receive sufficient additional comments / views on the latest application the Parish Council will have to base their response on the findings of the survey previously completed and the key concerns raised, which resulted in the Parish Council objecting to the proposal, when the first application was submitted. The Survey can be found clicking Here. Also the Appendix letter submitted by the Parish letter, detailing reasons for their objection can be found Here.

Brunning & Price have advised us that they will be running an open afternoon open afternoon on Monday 25th February, from 4pm until 6pm at Tidbury Green Village Hall and then from 6.30pm until 8pm at the Earlswood Methodist Church Hall. They plan to set up a small display of their proposals and have people on hand to talk you through them and hear what you think to the changes that they have made.

Important – New Public Consultation on Draft Local Development Plan Review

Solihull Local Plan Consultation – New Consultation

Solihull Council are undertaking an additional / supplementary consultation in respect of its emerging Local Plan.  This is based on public response to previous consultation, along with recent changes to Government Directives on Solihull Housing Needs.

Site 4 – Land West of Dickens Heath, Near Whitlock’s End Train Station

During previous consultation Tidbury Green Parish Council along with other groups including other Parish Councils, Borough Councillors and local Parishioners objected to the proposal for 700 homes to be developed on site 4. We are pleased to hear that the site has now be reduced from 700 to 350 homes. This proves that by working together and campaigning, we can make a difference. However 350 homes is still a significant number of homes, which we feel is unsustainable given the level of already approved / built development imposed upon the area.

The public consultation will run for 6 weeks, up until 15 March 2019. Full details of the consultation can be found at www.solihull.gov.uk/lpr.

Please take the time to examine the proposal for site 4. After studying the Council’s proposals, please submit your comments either via Solihull MBC’s Portal which can be linked to via the “Respond to the Consultation” box which can be found at www.solihull.gov.uk/lpr, or email your comments to psp@solihull.gov.uk. Should you wish to object to the Site 4 proposal we have included some suggested valid reasons for objection, which you may wish to adapt and use for your response. These can be found at the end of the February 2019 Newsletter.

As detailed on Ward Councillor Ken Hawkin’s website, http://www.cllrkenhawkins.co.uk, Ken and Ward Councillor James Butler “have serious reservations about the proposals and remain steadfast in opposition of Site 4, for a variety of reasons which are included on Ken’s website. Consequently they have launched an online petition, calling for Site 4 to be removed from the LDP, to be submitted to the planning inspector. Please support them by, in addition to responding to the Solihull MBC consultation, supporting the online petition, which can be accessed from the link https://www.change.org/p/solihull-metropolitan-borough-council-objection-to-allocation-4-in-solihull-local-plan on Ken Hawkin’s website, under Dickens Heath, Solihull LDP.

Solihull MBC have informed us that they are holding a number of drop-in sessionsd in February where Council officers will be on hand to help with any queries. Details of times and venues are provided below:

• Saturday 23 – (11am to 3pm) – Knowle Library

• Tuesday 26 – (4pm to 7pm) – Asda, Parkgate, Shirley

Saturday 16 – (11am to 3pm) – Balsall Common Library

Saturday 23 – (11am to 3pm) – Knowle Library

Monday 25 – (3pm to 7pm) – The Core Library, Solihull

Tuesday 26 – (4pm to 7pm) – Asda, Parkgate, Shirley

Thursday 28 – (3pm to 6:45pm) – Chelmsley Wood Library

Solihull SMBC Flood update – 23 January 2019 – SMBC Flooding Investigation Findings Report Published

Flood update – 23 January 2019


As someone affected by last May’s flash flooding we wanted to share the findings of our statutory investigation into the incident.

Acting as the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for Solihull, we have completed our investigation into the unprecedented flooding on 27 May 2018 and have now published our findings, as required under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

We have investigated each of the affected areas to identify the causes and mechanisms of the flooding. This investigatory work has involved detailed condition surveys of watercourses, culverts and highway drainage systems. We would like to thank all those who have worked with us to share their first-hand experiences of the flooding. This information has been fed back to help build a more informed picture of what happened in May.

We are currently exploring what action it may be possible to take to mitigate against such an event in the future. Some of these options are detailed in our action plan. We will now need to see what funding can be secured, as well as consider the potential benefits of any proposed flood reduction schemes.

You can view the report in full here:

If you need to get in touch then please email drainage@solihull.gov.uk