Tidbury Green Farm Working Group Meeting 28th June 2016

The first meeting with Bellway homes was held on the 28th June 2016.  A number of issues had been raised during the meeting, including:-

  • Drainage issues
  • Traffic and road safety concerns
  • G.Thomas presented a letter that he had submitted to Bellway Homes about the key issues raised during the meeting. He had clearly detailed the issues and asked Bellway Homes to respond to the points raised, advising what action that they would take to address the key issues.

Minutes of the meeting  and a copy of the letter submitted to Bellway can be found below within the Documents Section.

Tidbury Green Farm Development Working Group Set Up

The Parish Council decided that a Tidbury Green Farm Development subgroup should be set up, with one Councillor leading, supported by willing Parishioners. The subgroup would consider development matters and issues and liaise with the developer to attempt to reach solutions. The Councillor member would then provide feedback to the Council on a monthly basis.  Cllr Graham Thomas agreed to take the lead role

Cllr. Thomas completed a letter drop tp local homes inviting parishioners to join in a group to liaise with developers. As a result of this he received 8 positive responses from Parishioners wishing to be involved in the Tidbury Green Farm Development Working Group.

Planning Application for change of use at Rumbush Farm

Planning Application Number PL/2016/00373/COU for change of use of part of site to HGV vehicle parking, at Rumbush Farm, 321 Rumbush Lane.

The above Planning Application will be considered at the Solihull MBC Planning Committee on Wednesday 18th May 2016. The meeting commences at 6.00pm at the Civic Suite. If you wish to speak at the meeting, you must register with the Solihull MBC planning section by telephone or email, by 12 noon on Tuesday 17th May 2016. You must also provide Solihull MBC with a daytime contact number. Further details are included on the attached Notification.

Lowbrook Farm Appeal Allowed

After a number of appeal Inquiries/ Hearings into Gallagher’s appeal against the refusal of their outline planning application (Planning application number 2012/1627) to develop 200 homes at this sites, On the 8th March 2016 the Secretary of State’s made the decision to allow the appeal.

Tidbury Green Farm – February 2016

We await the submission of the detailed Planning Application by LionCourt Homes. This will provide the specifics of the development including layout and design. Once available the Parish Council will review in depth the plans and proposals and submit relevant views and comments to Solihull MBC. We recommend that parishioners also review these and submit their opinions to the Council. Whilst unfortunately we cannot prevent this development we can work together with the aim of contributing to and shaping the design and layout of the development and hopefully obtain some benefits for the community. The Parish Council will also work to develop communication channels and engage with LionCourt with a view to achieving these aims.

The attached leaflet was issued by Gallagher Estates for the public consulatation.

Lowbrook Farm – February 2016

The Parish Council wrote to the Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP and the Secretary of State asking that the inquiry be reopened or alternatively a decision be delayed until the Social Local Plan Review is completed. Reasons supporting the request included the fact that since June 2013 interested parties have not had an opportunity to express their views on this proposal, as whilst further inquiry hearings have taken place these have focused only on 5 year housing supply matters.
The Parish Council believe that changes have occurred since June 2013, including those relating to transport accessibility and that we should have the opportunity to raise these issues. Also the Parish Council felt that if the decision was made and the Lowbrook Farm appeal was allowed, this could potentially influence the outcome of available options within the Solihull Review. We have not received a response to our requests however we are mindful that a decision on the Appeal could be reached at any time.

Solihull Local Plan Review – Consultation- Dec 2015

The Parish Council circulated the attached Newsletter (click to view) to all residents of Tidbury Green, advising of the Solihull Local Plan Review and urging Parishioners to respond to the consultation.

The Parish Council reviewed the consultation document and provided a detailed response. The completed Response Form (click to view) has to be read in conjunction with the attached Supporting Letter, which accompanied the Response form.

The Documents below were referred to within the Supporting Letter:-

Thank you to all Parishioner’s who took the time to respond to this important consultation.

Proposed Developments – Tidbury Green Farm & Lowbrook Farm Planning Appeals

Tidbury Green Farm

The Parish Council were extremely disappointed to hear that the appeal brought by LionCourt Homes to build 190 homes succeeded.

The applicant will need to submit a detailed planning application providing specifics of the proposal, including layout and design details. At this point the Parish Council will review the plans and proposals in depth and provide appropriate feedback to SMBC. Whilst this is not the desired outcome the Parish Council believe that they should work to contribute and help shape the design of the development and aim to achieve some benefits for the community.

Lowbrook farm

The Planning Appeal Inquiry was reconvened on the 15th and 16th September 2015. Councillor Farr attended on behalf of the Parish Council. He advised that SMBC offered detailed, quality arguments to defend their views. They presented a five year housing supply to the Inquiry.

On the 8th October 2015 the Parish Council were advised that, following the closure of the Inquiry, the Inspector was preparing his report and recommendation for submission to the Secretary of State for his consideration. We were also advised that In accordance with Schedule 2 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act the Secretary of State would issue his decision on or before 10thFebruary 2016.

During January 2016 the Parish Council wrote to the Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP and the Secretary of State requesting that the inquiry be reopened or alternatively that the decision be delayed until the Solihull Local Plan Review is completed. Reason for this request included the fact that since June 2013 interested parties have not had an opportunity to express their views as any inquiry hearings since this date have focused only on 5 year housing supply matters. The Parish Council believe that changes have occurred since June 2013, including those relating to transport accessibility and we should have an opportunity to raise and discuss these matters.

The Parish Council also advised that they believe that if a decision was reached and the Lowbrook Farm appeal was allowed that this could potentially influence the outcome of the available options within the Solihull Review.

The Parish Council received correspondence from the Department for Communities and Local Government, advising that a decision would not be available by the original target date of the 10th February 2016 and that they hope to be in a position to issue a decision as soon as possible.

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