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Vehicle Thefts

Knowle, Dorridge & Blythe Neighbourhood Police Team are asking vehicle owners to remain vigilant and report all suspicious activity following a number of thefts from vehicles in and around the knowle area.

Officers are encouraging motorists to think twice about security as they work to reduce the potential for opportunist vehicle crime.

They advise that if you have a garage please use it, and if you have an alarm please make sure it is activated, and your vehicle is left secured.

They also ask you to remember to remove all valuables from your vehicle. This could include laptops, phones, sat navs, sunglasses, loose change or anything that may catch the attraction of an opportunist thief.

Crime continues to fall across the borough and with thefts from vehicles accounting for around 10 per cent of all offences we can cut this figure even further by taking some simple steps.

If you see anyone or anything suspicious in your local community please call officers on 101.
Always dial 999 if a crime is in progress.

Likewise if you have information on people or properties linked to the handling of stolen property please call officers or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.

Bogus Police Officer Courier Fraud

Fraudsters phoned at least 15 homes – mainly in the Solihull and Northfield areas – in the space of a few hours on the 13th February posing as detectives and trying to panic people into handing over bank cards and security details.

The ruse involves the bogus officer claiming the target’s bank account has been hacked or their card cloned…and that they need to seize the card and PIN number to stop fraudulent transactions.

West Midlands Police launched a widespread awareness campaign this week highlighting the con – and the vast majority of people contacted yesterday followed police advice, hung up and didn’t divulge bank details.

However, the cruel tricksters managed to persuade an 82-year-old Shirley lady into revealing her PIN number and handing her card over to a ‘courier’. It was later used to withdraw £250 cash and make two purchases totalling almost £1,000.

Also a 91-year-old woman from Weoley Castle also phoned police to say she handed over her bank card to a courier on Wednesday (Feb 12) along with £100 cash – her most recent withdrawal – which the cruel con artists claimed they needed as evidence. Another £294 was taken from her account before the card was cancelled.

The callers’ tactics vary: some claim to be from regional police stations, some from London some say they’ve arrested people and recovered cloned bank cards, whilst others suggest money has been taken from accounts.

“Police officers or genuine bank officials would never ask you to divulge PIN numbers over the phone or send couriers round to collect cards. If you receive a call requesting this then hang up and contact police.”

So far this year West Midlands Police has received around 50 calls from residents – whose ages range from 59 to 93 – reporting they’ve been targeted by the “Courier Con” with victims having collectively lost around £10,000.

Many people fall for the scam because they believe the bogus PC’s story has been verified by a follow-up call to their bank – but because the scammers don’t hang up the victim is unwittingly still speaking to them and not a bank official.


• Your bank or police will never send a courier to your home to collect bank cards
• Your bank or police will never ask for your PIN number
• If you receive one of these calls end it immediately.

If you’ve been a victim call your bank and cancel your cards immediately – try to call from a different phone if reporting it immediately after being contacted by someone you believe was a scammer – and report it to West Midlands Police on 101

Telephone Disconnection Scam

A scam has been reported whereby a phone call is received from someone claiming to be from BT. The caller advises that they are disconnecting you because of an unpaid bill. They demand payment immediately of the amount that they claim is outstanding and advise that it will be much more of a cost to re-connect at a later date if they have to disconnect your phone. It has been reported that the caller offers to demonstrate that they are from BT and advises you to hang up and try phoning someone and explains that they will disconnect your phone to prevent this, and this is exactly what appears to happen!! Apparently the recipients phone is dead – no engaged tone, nothing – until the caller claiming to be from BT phones back.

The person who reported this issue asked the caller claiming to be from BT how the payment was to be made and was told by credit card. Fortunately the recipient did not provide his credit card details, but instead phoned the police to let them know. Apparently he wasn’t the first! It’s only just started apparently, but it is escalating. Their advice was to let as many people as possible know of this scam. The fact that the phone does go off would probably convince some people its real, so please make as many friends & family aware of this. How is it done? This is good but not that clever. He gave the wrong number – it should have been 0800 800 152 which takes you through to BT Business. The cutting off of the line is very simple, he stays on the line with the mute button on and you can’t dial out – but he can hear you trying. (This is because the person who initiates a call is the one to terminate it). When you stop trying he cuts off and immediately calls back. You could almost be convinced! The sad thing is that it is so simple that it will certainly fool many. This is clearly a scam to get hold of your credit card details.

If you, your family or friends receive such a call please contact Action Fraud details on web link below:

17th September 2014 BURGLARY DWELLING

At a property on Wood Lane, an unknown offender(s) appear to have gained entry to a secure rear garden by climbing on a flat roof at the rear of the property. Offender(s) smashed a 4ft x 2ft stained glass window to gain entry and once entry was gained conducted an untidy search of main bedroom and stole 2 jewellery boxes. Offender(s) were disturbed by the alarm and made good their escape.

Tidbury Green Parish Council Resident Survey

Tidbury Green Parish Council Resident Survey 2013

Thank you to all those residents who responded to the 2013 Tidbury Green Parishioners Survey Questionnaire. The survey was undertaken to obtain feedback on your views, including those on local issues that cause concern. All responses have been analysed and the findings are included in the attached Tidbury Green Parish Council – Parishioners Survey Report (click here). An Executive Summary has also been produced was delivered to all homes within Tidbury Green, along with the February 2014 Newsletter.

The random prize draw took place during the December 2013 Parish Council Meeting. Congratulations to the winner Paul Wright, who has been awarded his prize money.

The Application For Development of Land at Lowbrook Farm

October 2012Outline Planning Application – Submitted Planning Application Number 2012/1627.

Public Consultation leaflet

The Solihull MBC Planning Committee meeting on 16th January 2013 was attended by 30 Tidbury Green residents and both the Chair of the Parish Council, Peter Seddon, and Borough Ward Councillor Ken Hawkins addressed the meeting, speaking against the development. A final decision on the outline planning application was deferred for two weeks  pending legal counsel’s guidance as to the soundness of the reasons for refusal.

SMBC Planning Committee minutes for 16th January 2013 – see item 7

30th January 2013: Solihull MBC Planning Committee decided 6 to 3 to reject the application to build at Lowbrook Farm.

SMBC Planning Committee minutes for 30th January 2013 – item 7.

February 2013:  The applicants to build 200 homes at Lowbrook Farm appealed SMBC’s decision for refusal.  The appeal can be found at the Planning Portal and inserting the appeal case number 2192128.

June 2013

The Appeal Inquiry took place at the Council House, Solihull on Wednesday 12th June 2013.

August 2013

Due to the illness of one of the barristers the inquiry did not see the completion of all required work. Consequently the inquiry was scheduled to be reconvened on the 6th and 9th September 2013.

October 2013

The Inquiry reconvened and was completed on the 6th and 9th September 2013.

As detailed above, a legal challenge was submitted to the High Court, by Gallagher Estates (Lowbrook Farm) and LionCourt Homes (Tidbury Green Farm). They claimed that the land at the sites they control should not be have been returned to Green belt and that Solliull’s Plan was flawed in the way that it was put together.

The judgement to the High Court appeal made by Gallagher Estates and LionCourt Homes, was made public on the 1st May 2014. The appeal succeeded on 2 of the 3 grounds raised against Solihull MBC, which relate to the housing need figures used in developing the plan and its method used to assess revisions to the green belt boundary (Lowbrook Farm and Tidbury Green farm)

This meant that SMBC had to reconsider its housing needs and the method it used to assess revisions to the greenbelt boundary.

Besides paragraphs in the Solihull Local Plan dealing with housing numbers that were deleted, the paragraph relating to the two sites in Tidbury Green that were to have been returned to the Green Belt has also been deleted. SMBC stressed at this point that this did not necessarily mean the sites are suitable for development or can now be developed.

SMBC asked the judge for permission to appeal his decision and that was been refused. However SMBC applied to the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal.

This meant that SMBC had to reconsider its housing needs and the method it used to assess revisions to the greenbelt boundary.

Whilst the Legal Challenge was taking place, the report from the Lowbrook Farm Planning Inspector was delayed. Solihull tried to argue that the decision should be further delayed whilst their application to appeal the judges decision is pending. Gallaghers, the Lowbrook Farm developers, argued against any further delay and the Planning Inspectorate agreed with them.

The Planning Inspector  asked the parties who attended the Inquiry hearing if they would like to make any written comments about the then recently published government Planning Policy Guidance (PPG). The Parish Council made a submission in response to the invite.

SMBC were granted leave to appeal the High Court Decision on the Solihull Local Plan.

The court hearing to consider the appeal made by Solihull MBC against the decision by the High Court Judge on the Solihull Local Plan took place on the 25th and 26th November 2014.

On the 17th December 2014 Solihull MBC’s appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeal, failing on both counts: housing numbers and Tidbury Green sites.

The appeal hearing was re-opened on 9th June 2015, so that the Planning Inspector could consider the updated position resulting from the material changes in circumstances since September 2013, in advance of a decision being reached regarding the proposed development.  The Parish Council were advised that the only matter that would be discussed was housing land supply. As the Parish Council had never submitted any comments relating to this matter they decided not to submit any representation to the inquiry.

At the June 2015 meeting evidence was submitted from the appellant and CRP, who oppose the proposal. Solihull did address the inquiry, but did present all of their evidence. The Planning Inspector decided to re-open the inquiry on the 15th September at Solihull Moors FC, Autotech Stadium, Damson Parkway. It was anticipated the appeal hearing will last 2 days.

Again the Plannng Inspectors Office advised that the only matter that will be discussed is housing land supply, so consequently the Parish Council did not offer any representing.

The Parish Council, with the kind help of Peter Seddon, updated and submitted the sustainability report, originally submitted for Tidbury Green Farm as there was a lot of valuable evidence and information contained within the report which is relevant to the Lowbrook Farm appeal. The Parish Council  requested that the Planning Inspector considered this report as part of his decision making process.

Unfortunately the Planning Inspector did not accept the sustainability report which the Parish Council submitted. As detailed above this was the report that was originally produced for the Tidbury Green Farm Planning appeal, but later updated for Lowbrook Farm. The reason for refusing the Parish Councils request was that the Planning Inspector only wants to discuss Housing Land Supply at this point.

The Planning Appeal Inquiry took place on the 15th and 16th September 2015. Councillor Farr attended on behalf of the Parish Council. He advised that SMBC offered detailed, quality arguments to defend their views. They presented a five year housing supply to the Inquiry.

On the 8th October 2015 the Parish Council were advised that, following the closure of the Inquiry, the Inspector is now preparing his report and recommendation for submission to the Secretary of State for his consideration. In accordance with Schedule 2 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act the Secretary of State will issue his decision on or before 10th February 2016.

Latest Update

The Planning Appeal Inquiry was reconvened on the 15th and 16th September 2015. Councillor Farr attended on behalf of the Parish Council. He advised that SMBC offered detailed, quality arguments to defend their views. They presented a five year housing supply to the Inquiry.

On the 8th October 2015 the Parish Council were advised that, following the closure of the Inquiry, the Inspector was preparing his report and recommendation for submission to the Secretary of State for his consideration. we were also advised that In accordance with Schedule 2 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act the Secretary of State would issue his decision on or before 10thFebruary 2016.

During January 2016 the Parish Council wrote to the Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP and the Secretary of State requesting that the inquiry be reopened or alternatively the decision be delayed until the Solihull Local Plan Review is completed. Reason for this request included the fact that since June 2013 interested parties have not had an opportunity to express their views as any inquiry hearings since this date had focused only on 5 year housing supply matters. The Parish Council believe that changes have occurred including those relating to transport accessibility since June 2013 and we should have an opportunity to raise and discuss these matters.

The Parish Council also advised that they believe that if a decision was reached and the Lowbrook Farm appeal was allowed. that this could potentially influence the outcome of the available options within the solihull Review.

The Parish Council received correspondence from the Department for Communities and Local Government, advising that a decision would not be available by the original target date of the 10th February 2016 and that they hope to be in a position to issue a decision as soon as possible.

A Royal Oak for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

On Thursday 5th April 2012 members of the Association together with representatives from the Parish Council gathered to plant a sapling royal oak tree grown from an acorn gathered from one of the Royal Parks to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The sapling came as part of a successful application to the Woodlands Trust for 105 trees to create a hedge to segregate the allotment plots from the orchard and wildflower garden.